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Catching Arrows completed a new single, 'Locked In', during Covid, and took on the remote challenge of writing the song on Zoom. The band quickly surpassed over 45,000 streams on the song and got the attention of numerous music publications and blogs. The song was also placed on 115+ curator playlists and had over 15 PR articles completed. Collectively, the band has in excess of 76,000+ Spotify streams.

In 'Locked In' totally feel this story about being caged inside like a wild animal when the world was at its lowest for years, as you find yourself wondering when some sense of normal will return. The sound is alive here from a fired up vocalist who sings with that real meaning – that is so lacking in this cancel culture society – as she projects a message that is so true and fills your heart with so much anxiousness, about what tomorrow will bring. ‘Locked In‘ from the youthfully exuberant Boston, Massachusetts-based indie rock pop band Catching Arrows, is a reflective theme track for all of us who absolutely hated being stuck inside. Featuring freshly-sung vocals from a wonderfully talented young lady and backed up by a loyal band – who keep things tighter than a kitty cat sliding through the pet door late at night – there is much to love about a group who only seem to get better and better.-A&R Factory


Powerful rock sound is embodied in colorful drums and heavy guitars that create a harmonious accompaniment for strong emotional female vocals. Main and backing vocal lines gives the feeling that we are not alone in this trouble and humanity will break through together one day and everything will be the same as before. Alternative rock of Catching Arrows is with an emotional component saturated with the inner spirit of freedom that breaks the shackles of the limited. The song 'Locked In' is an organic response from musicians to past events. Their music gives hope and ennobles the unknown future.-"Indie Dock Music Blog

"Locked In"
Zippah Studios
Engineered by James Zaner
Production manager: Performers on the go, LLC
"Lost in the Stars"
Recorded at Zippa Studios
Engineered by James Zaner
Production Manager: Performers on the Go, LLC



Live perforrmance clip from 2022
New Bedford Oktoberfest
Clips from New England Music
Awards Last Band Standing 
Lyric video of new release
"Locked In"
Practice of new cover song
"More than a feeling"
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All Videos

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Virtual performance of
"Ex's & Oh's" during pandemic
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